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Outfit: Downtown Chicago the 9th Floor

Well as I already mentioned in my autumn school outfit blog post I’ve been super busy with school this week. This afternoon I was actually late to class because I was donating blood which was especially stressful but maybe I’ll talk about that coming up and share a few photos. However for today’s blog post I wanted to share my other Chicago outfit, the first being my Labor Day Outfit at Navy Pier.  Originally I had thought that these photos would go into my hypothetical trash pile.  After taking a second look though, I decided they weren’t so bad, and I really do like the outfit so I thought I might as well share what I wore with you guys. 
Shirt / Skirt (similar) / Shoes (similar) / Watch
A lot of the pieces in this outfit are older but I did my best to find them in stores, and in the case of the skirt and shoes found similar pieces. Actually that skirt is over four years and one of those clothing pieces I wasn’t sure that I wanted to keep during my grunge phase, but I’m sure glad I did. The shirt is one of my pricier clothing pieces, a burberry button down that tied to give it a cropped look. The shoes, are surprisingly comfortable and very cute, while the watch was a gift from awhile back. 
All of the photos were taken on the 9th floor of the sibling of my friend’s apartment building. Actually when we were going there we weren’t paying attention and got on the wrong elevator that only goes to the lower floors before quickly realizing our mistake and getting off at the the ninth floor so we could get on the other side of elevators. The ninth floor has all kinds of fun stuff, like an eating area, “club house”, pool and this fancy running area which you can see in my photos. 

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