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Fitness Friday – Gamiss at 100 Acres

It’s finally Friday which I couldn’t be happier about since this week was ROUGH. Since I haven’t done #fitnessfriday post in what feels like a millennium I thought it be fun to do one showing off the new exercise clothing that the people at Gamiss were nice enough to send to me. Originally I was going to do a fun yoga video to show it to you but instead decided to take it outside and go to 100 Acres, the Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park. It’s basically an outdoor woodland area (100 Acres in size if you didn’t guess by the name) that is right by the Indianapolis Museum of Art which I’ve been to before, and you might remember seeing on the blog. Since I went the museum now charges an (hefty) admissions fee, but 100 Acres is still free and so is parking there. 
Sports Bra / Top / Leggings all c/o Gamiss

Sports Bra – I’ll admit that I’m one of those people that loves the idea of a sports bra, but never really wears them, instead opting for the regular kind. Normally they’re either expensive, don’t provide any support, or way too thin; Often times a combination of the three. So I was a little wary about trying out this one from Gamiss. Luckily though it is not only a good price, but it is supportive and plenty thick enough, not to mention cute. 

Top – The only thing I find annoying about wearing yoga pants is wearing a regular t-shirt with them, so of course I always pick a crop top instead. This one though is a little more specially because of the long sleeves (which I LOVE) and the fun cut out in the back. 

Leggings – Last but not least, the first thing that I put in my shopping cart from the Gamiss website, these multicolored leggings. The print is super fun and they’re comfortable for yoga, hiking, running and whatever else it is you do for your fitness routine. 

Sorry for only having three photos this time around. When my friend and I went to take them the sun was starting to go down and I was rushing us because I was worried about getting in trouble. I didn’t think that you could actually go up to the sculpture, and thought someone would come yell at us. On the way out though I read the sign and it just said things like “no climbing” “no skating”,  and then I went to look at 100 Acres website and saw people in the photos playing on other sculptures. So I totally could have taken more photos at “Free Basket”!

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