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Naipo Neck Pillow Massager, Review

Since I commute to school, and am always on the go for modeling/promotional work it seems I’m in the car all the time. If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know that I don’t really like driving, and a lot of times I find it pretty stressful. So when I was offered the Naipo Neck Pillow Massager, that has Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage with heat for relieving for back neck and shoulder pain of course I said yes, because I hoped it would make my car rides a whole lot easier.

I was happy to see that this Naipo product is available via Amazon and is currently on sale for just under $35 and if you have prime then shipping is free, as are returns which of course is something I love about Amazon. Inside the shipping box it comes in a brown cardboard box with the product picture as well as the Naipo name and that this is the Shiatsu Pillow Massager with Heat. I was actually pretty happy with the packaging even though it is “no frills”. Inside is the Neck Pillow Massager, as well as two separate cords one to go in the car’s cigarette lighter and the other to go into a wall outlet. The massager itself has a mesh outer piece and an easy to use on/off button, as well as a strap to make it easy to attach to your car headrest.

Verdict: I was a little worried about this being one of those massagers that hurts more than it feels massaging, or it would get too hot, but my fears were unfounded. This neck and upper back massager is super gentle, and the heat isn’t “hot” just warm and the whole thing relaxing. It’s for sure something I’m going to use in my car, and since it has the outlet plug I’m also going to be using it in my house for tension in my lower legs.

You can get your own from amazon HERE.


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