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Outfit: Casual Retro @ 100 Acre

Today I went back to 100 Acre, the park where I shot photos for my fitness outfit but not the place where Winnie the Pooh . This one is an outdoor art instillation area and nature park in Indianapolis. We’d gone to see what other fun art pieces were more of in the interior of the park and take a few photos to show off my new “hipster” prescription glasses along with a more urban style outfit that I put together. Unfortunately though there were so many mosquitos that we left almost immediately, but luckily I did get a few photos before heading for cover. It’s too bad because the whole park is so pretty and I was hoping to see a little more of it before winter sets in, but not at the risk of Malaria, Zika or whatever the current scary disease mosquitos are carrying is.


So about the glasses. Up until this point I’d never bought glasses online, I’ve always gone through my eye doctor, which is great if you’re just doing the one pair a year, or a pair every other year that insurance pays for. However if you’re wanting to buy a trendy pair for fun then you’re out of luck. Or so I thought until I learned about and saw all the glasses that they had to pick from, starting at just under $13. After you pick out the frames you want (they have everything from practical, to vintage, and trending street fashion) you can then add your prescription either single or multifocal (or just clear lenses), and let them know your pupillary distance and they’ll be to you in no time. I was actually super impressed at the quality of the glasses when they arrived to me and have been wearing them all the time since.

You can get your own from their site and actually get 50% off with the code GSHOT50
Now for the rest of the outfit…
Top c/o City Skate / Jeans / Shoes (more than 50% off) / Backpack c/o Gamiss 
  • Top – I actually was given this top to share on my twitter and actually like it really well, so I wanted to show it to you guys on my blog. It’s a 80’s / 90’s throwback mixtape that’s been unraveled.
  • Jeans – I wear these jeans, as my go to comfortable pair of pants that isn’t yoga pants. They’re flattering, stretchy and are great for a casual look.
  • Shoes – Another part of my outfit that I find myself wearing often are these shoes. When I first got them they stayed in a box for quite awhile before I finally wore them. Once I did though I realized how great they are for everyday looks. Just don’t mind my mismatched socks.
  • Backpack – Last but not least is this backpack I was given by the people at Gamiss. It wasn’t the one I’d originally planned on getting, but when the one I had wanted ended up being sold out, I thought this was a good second and I really like it. Not only is it cute but it has a great amount of storage and is actually usable for class.

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