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Lucifer’s Harvest, Book Review


Lucifer’s Harvest
The Chronicles of Hugh De Singleton, Surgeon
By Mel Starr

Lord Gilbert Talbot must provide soldiers for Prince Edward’s battle in France. He wishes his surgeon – Hugh de Singleton – to travel with the war party to tend any injuries. Among those on the road is Sir Simon Trillowe, Hugh’s old nemesis, who had once torched Hugh’s house. Finding himself in the same war party, Hugh resolves to watch his back in the presence of the knight, who is still holding a grudge. But it is Sir Simon who should not have turned his back… When Trillowe’s body is found, many suspect Hugh has wreaked revenge on his adversary. To clear his name, Hugh must once again riddle a reason for murder. 

In the past I’ve reviewed a few of Mel Starr’s books like Rest Not in Peace and Ashes to Ashes both of which I really liked so I was pretty excited when Kregel (the publisher) sent me another one of his books to read. I love the murder mystery genre and when you throw in the fact that it’s a historical fiction I couldn’t be happier. There’s so much going on in the book that there aren’t any boring parts that you need to read through to get to the good stuff. Mel Starr does a great job making  you feel like you’ve just been dropped into the scenery, and everything seems so realistic. Lucifer’s Harvest is a book well worth reading. 


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