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The Joy Model, Book Review


The Joy Model
A Step-By-Step Guide to Peace, Purpose and Balance
By Jeff Spadafora

As followers of Christ, we were never naive enough to expect life to be perfect, but we did hope that our growing faith would lead to peace, joy and fulfillment – but for many, that hope is fading and a smoldering discontent is creeping in. It’s what happened to Jeff Spadafora. He was doing everything he was supposed to – yet he still felt he was missing out on the joy that Jesus promised would come from a relationship with Him.

Now in The Joy Model, he shares step-by-step the path he took (and has coached hundreds on) from smoldering discontent to a sense of joy and purpose in everyday life. From creating margin in our schedules that allows us to breathe easier and think more clearly, to discovering our true selves and going deeper into our relationships with God and other people, Spadafora shows how th interaction between our being and our doing provides the keep to opening up a life full of joy, purpose and fulfillment. Drawing on his years as both a successful businessman and a Christian life coach, Spadafora has developed a concrete, practical model to show the path from joyless to joyful. Using his Joy Model and the steps in his M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan, he clearly describes how to move from frustration and weary service to an over-arching, all pervading joy of life in Christ.

Jeff Spadafora is the director of Global Coaching Services and Product Development for the Halftime Institute where he trains and manages the global Halftime Coaching staff. Earlier, Soadafiraj was a management consultant for twenty years with a focus on executive education and development for Fortune 500 companies. He lives with his family in Evergreen, Colorado.

My thoughts: I think one of the biggest human questions is “why am I here” followed by “what should I be doing with my life”. It’s almost funny how people at the age of 18 are expected to decided, and right away, what a big part of that is going to be. The Joy Model deals with this on a different level though, looking further inward with your life with God. Often this is an even bigger struggle for people so when I was given The Joy Model from the publisher I was interested in seeing their tactics for this. The whole book is set up nicely, and Jeff Spadafora writes in a way that’s inviting and comforting. There’s a comfortable amount of bible verses, so you don’t feel like you’re getting weighed down and this is as book you can read in portions or all at one time. If you like When We Were on Fire or The New Believer’s Guide to Christian Life you’ll for sure like The Joy Model.


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