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Outfit – Province Park with a Pretty Bracelet

The Autumn weather has been so good to me this past week, which is a pretty nice contrast to the stressful school week that I’ve been having. While it was a little cool yesterday today warmed up a bit so my friend and I went to take some photos at Province Park in Franklin while we were walking the trails. I hadn’t walked there since I was a little kid (the only reason I knew their trails existed) and was really surprised to see how much there was to do there. In addition to the trail system (that seems to go all over Franklin) Province Park is has shelters and picnic tables galore, but most exciting was the dog area. While we were taking my #ootd photos there were two different dogs using the agility course and they looked so cute, that I couldn’t help smiling while watching them. Now I totally want to go back and try it out with Checkers. 
Oh and on a semi related side note, I was surprised to see how many other people we saw taking photos (4 groups!) actually we didn’t get to take photos in two fun spots because the other groups were busy there, but I think we ended up with some fun shots anyway, even though I didn’t realize until after arriving that I’d forgotten to wear makeup. Maybe I’ll go for that whole Alicia Keys thing so I don’t have to feel guilty how often I forget. 
 Shirt / Pants / Shoes / Bracelet c/o Otazu

Shirt – Well in addition to forgetting to wear makeup I also didn’t realize until I looked through the photos that I didn’t wear the correct type of bra so you can totally see my bra straps. I don’t know why my friend didn’t tell me! The shirt is still cute though, and I love the scalloped edges, you might remember it from when I first got this and paired it with houndstooth heels.  

Pants – These pants are totally 1970’s and I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them. Originally I thought they’d just be great for yoga, but after trying them out I’m liking them just as much for everyday wear. 

Shoes – To go with the pants, I absolutely didn’t want to wear tennis shoes, but other than that I think a variety of shoes would look cute. I decided to go with a simple black pair of flats with a pointed toe. 

Bracelet – Last but absolutely not least is this bracelet that was given to me by the people at Otazu. Their whole site is full of beautiful pieces but this Rodrigo Otazu Couture pice really stood out to me.  Each of their designs are handmade with Swarovski crystals and the quality shows. The piece I’m wearing is a hinged cuff, that works well with a variety of different outfits. You might have noticed it in my retro outfit at 100 Acres. You can get 30% off with the discount code “Hanna” (this isn’t an affiliate discount, just a present for you!)


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