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Death in the Shadows, Book Review

Death in the Shadows 
By Paul McCusker

When Father Gilbert traded in his detective’s page for an Anglican priest’s collar, he never expected murder would follow him. Even a church conference in the quaint seaside town of Englesea offers no escape. The vision of a dead woman, water dripping from her body, draws him in a power struggle between corrupt players who wants to dominate the illegal sex trade in town. The victims are pawns in a game that extends to London and across international borders. The dead cry for justice and Father Gilbert fights against forces hiding in the shadows. Can he champion the truth in time to stop more people from dying? 

Paul McCusker is an award-winning novelist and dramatist. His books and audio dramas have sold in the millions. He lives in Colorado. 

My thoughts, you might already know this but I absolutely love a good murder mystery. I was immediately interested in Death in the Shadows because of the setting. Paul McCusker does a great job of placing you there, like you’re in this coastal small town, as well as understanding the former detective perfectly. The story is great from beginning to end and I love all the twists and turns. If you like The Cantaloupe Thief, then you’ll for sure be interested in this Father Gilbert mystery.  


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