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Outfit: Bell-Bottoms in the Park

As I mentioned yesterday, it’s fall break and even though it’s really only two days long, I couldn’t be happier for the time off from school. Friday I cleaned out my bedroom, closet and bathroom in preparation for a garage sale (with the rest of my family selling their stuff too) and Saturday I split my time between running the sale, and then later getting to hang out with my friend. We actually went back to Province Park and took a few outfit photos near the water, and explored the cemetery that’s just off the trail. While this outfit is what I wore to do a rummage sale, which I’m very happy with the results of, and then later on a walk it’s for sure something I’d wear to school or any casual activity. 
 Top / Jeans / Bag c/o StyleWe / Shoes 

Top – Cropped tops are one of those items I love to buy, and wear, but don’t have enough outfits that I feel like work with them. So as you can imagine when I do find an outfit that works, I’ll always take the crop top option. I especially like this one because of the fun texture and square shape it has. 

Jeans – When I saw these jeans in store I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. While I wouldn’t consider myself to be someone that’s that interested in vintage and retro fashion, I couldn’t pass up these pants. The high waist is super comfortable and flattering and the bell-bottom shape is unique to more modern looks. 

Bag – I’m loving this bag, maybe even more than the jeans. It is a little expensive at $97 but after looking at it I can see why. Actually the quality is so good, if I didn’t know the price I’d have guessed it much higher. The dusty pink color is gorgeous and the gold hardware is great too. 

Shoes – Originally I was going to wear a pair of dress flats, gold and sparkly, but since we were walking around instead went with these Keds. I’m actually glad I did even if I wear them a bit too much. 

Jewelry – For this look I also decided to wear a few jewelry pieces. On my wrist is an interesting cuff, that I actually wore in my last outfit post. As for the necklace, you might remember it too, from my Cuddl Duds outfit.  




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