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Outfit :The Home T

This weekend was so busy! I’m normally not someone that does that much for Halloween but this time around it seemed like the opposite was true. I did however manage to get a few outfit photos taken on Saturday afternoon, and if I look a little tired it’s because I was. Actually I’m still tired but it’s Halloween today so I guess I’ll just have to push through it! And unfortunately I did have class today, but one of my teachers was nice enough to give us a pizza party which did help to lessen the pain.  But anyways, here’s the photos of my casual weekend outfit. 
Shirt c/o The Home T / Pants / Shoes 

Shirt – As someone who loves reality tv I was super excited when the people at The Home T (who was on Shark Tank) offered to let me pick out one of their products. After looking through everything, I was surprised to see that in addition to shirts and sweatshirts their home products are also super cute, I finally settled on the V-neck of course with California on it. The shirt is super soft, quality made, and runs true to size. Oh! And all their apparel is made in the USA and The Home T donates 10% of their profit to multiple sclerosis.

Pants – To go with the grey shirt I decided to wear a pair of black straight leg jeans. These are actually my go to for semi casual pants, and are pretty easy to dress up or down. 

Shoes – Last but not least are these shoes. You might remember them from my fitness friday with Gamiss, they’re basic white adidas tennis shoes, and are pretty comfortable. 


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