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Autumn Outfit with Zaful

I feel like for the past month my friend and I have been wanting to take those ever so popular “fall photos” but because the weather has been so warm it’s taken extra long for the leaves to turn and so our photos wouldn’t be any different than the summer photos. Luckily this weekend though that had changed so on Friday (sorry for being a day late on uploading!) my friend and I took photos after I did early voting. Most of my outfit is from the lovely people at Zaful, who were nice enough to send me the shirt and boots.
 Shirt, Shoes c/o Zaful/

Shirt – I know that it’s stereotypical autumn outfit to wear plaid but I can’t help myself. I sized up in this boyfriend shirt because I wanted it extra long and comfortable. To keep it from looking like it was actually a man’s I rolled up the sleeves, though the cute detailing on the pockets makes it look pretty feminine.

Leggings – Since working on a DIY project (one that is still in the works), I accidentally messed up my favorite pair of leggings I couldn’t wear them. However this pair isn’t a bad substitute, and are super comfortable.

Shoes – Last but not least the shoes. As soon as I saw them on the Gamiss site I knew I had to have them, although I was a little worried if they’re fit or not. Luckily though the sizing chart is accurate and they fit perfectly and look fantastic




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