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How to Match Your Homecoming Dress with Your Makeup

Most girls have a fair idea about the dress, shoes, and jewellery they will wear to homecoming. But, only a few of them know how to select the right makeup style that syncs with the dress.
Homecoming is the time to step up your fashion quotient, avoiding the everyday look. Explore our collections and fall in love with classy designer homecoming dresses. It is indeed very hard to decide on whether you should go completely natural, majorly glam, or somewhere in between.
Read on to find out how to select the best makeup style depending on the color, style, and fabric of a dress.

1. Multi-tonal Dress

If you’re going to wear a dress made from multi-tonal fabric that picks up a lot of light, your makeup needs to take a back seat. Even with summer color mix dresses this is the case, but especially for homecoming.  Prefer a makeup with a pearl or a subtle satin finish to something that’s a more obvious sparkle. It should have a soft sheen that complements the fabric, without overpowering it. However, if the fabric’s colours are not overly conspicuous (like grey and dusty rose), opt for smoky eyes.  

2. Dark Gown

Dark gowns look stunning with subtle metallic eyelids and a light lipstick. Try gold eyeshadows that really stand out against the darker tone of the dress, and choose a matte lipstick for a long-lasting finish that stays throughout the night. 

3. Blue Dress

Create silvery smoky eyes and polish them off with winged eyeliner to bring out an unforgettable look. A pink or plum blush on the cheeks appears great on the dress’ blue tone. Cover your lips with coral or pink lip colour, but if you wish your lips to be the focal point of your appearance, choose red lip colour.

4. Yellow Dress

Gold eyeshadow and black winged eyeliner suit a yellow dress. Add a little bit of blush to your cheeks and punctuate it with some highlighter. To bring out a dramatic look, apply some lip color to the lips, and lastly, apply false eyelashes lashes using a glue. 

5. Green Dress

You know I love green dresses for formal events and homecoming is no exception. Gold eyeshadow and red lipstick are a great combination for a green dress. Another option will be a bronze smoky eye plus a peach lip colour. Wear some jewellery made of green gemstones and nothing can stop you from looking spectacular. 

6. White Dress

You can apply any type of makeup with a white dress, because it is such a neutral shade. Bright and orange lip colors go well with a low-key white dress. You may also go for a simple, natural look with minimal eyeliner and eye shades to keep it elegant!

7. Red Dress

Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg recommends a neutral eye with a red dress. Apply a deep red lip colour, and your look will be just perfect for homecoming. 

We hope these tips help you get a fair idea on how to choose the perfect makeup style that goes well with your homecoming dress. To look your best on this special day, you must plan ahead what you are going to wear.

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