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MyChelle Perfect C Radiance Lotion, Review

You’ve probably seen me complain about classwork quite a bit lately but luckily this semester is almost over! One thing I’ve noticed is that the more stressed out I feel the worse I look. Not only do I get breakouts but my skin seems to become more dull, and just look older. It’s actually kind of scary how quickly it can go from being good to bad with a stressful schedule. Because through experience and reading, I know about the benefits of Vitamin C so when I found out MyChelle had a Perfect C Radiance Lotion I of course wanted to check it out.

In the past I’ve reviewed a set of the MyChelle Beauty Key 3 Skincare Set and loved each of the pieces so I was excited to see how their MyChelle Perfect C Radiance Lotion would be. It’s made for normal skin and has 12% dose of L-Ascorbic Acid and Plant C-Stem to hydrate, brighten and protect skin. This lotion comes inside a white cardboard box with blue accents and lettering with the MyChelle name and all the Perfect C Radiance details. The bottle inside is a white solid colored glass and has a sturdy plastic push down dispenser. To use apply to face and neck twice a day after cleansing like any other lotion.


Verdict: I love the MyChelle Perfect C Radiance Lotion. The packaging is great for a gift, and the bottle inside is durable and gender neutral. The lotion has citrus scent, and a slight orange tint. It is soothing on skin but a little sticky. Once it absorbs though it feels nice, and moisturizes the skin quite a bit. After just a few uses I’ve noticed that my skin looks a whole light brighter (even with school stress) and holds moisture better, even though I only apply it at night.

Great Scent
Is Great for my Skin
Sticky on Application

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