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MyChelle Perfect C PRO Speed Peel +GIVEAWAY

*GIVEAWAY at bottom of post 
I originally started out as a lifestyle blog with a focus on makeup and fashion. As I’ve gotten older though that’s changed. I mean I still love makeup and fashion (and writing the occasional recipe), but I’ve began to talk a lot more about skincare. Both what works for me and what doesn’t and a lot of things in-between have gotten reviews on my blog, because as far as beauty goes nice skin can be a whole lot better than “on fleek” eyeliner. So when I was given the chance to try the Perfect C Pro Speed Peel from MyChelle you know I had to check it out, and I was especially excited because they market it as one of their masks, and have an abnormal affection for skincare masks. 

Starting off with the packaging, like I always do this set comes in a white square cardboard box with blue accents, and although the coloring is a little different it looks a lot like the other MyChelle products. Inside is the rounded glass container with the Perfect C PRO Speed Peel inside of it. The lid is a twist off silver plastic. To use, only recommend for evenings and once a week, apply a thin layer after cleaning your face. Leave on for one minute maximum, and rinse with cool water. 


The coloring is a yellowish orange and it has slight citrus scent along with a slight chemical one. After rubbing into my skin it did have a bit of a sticky feeling. On the instructions it said that it might burn a little bit, but although I do have sensitive skin sometimes it felt fine on my skin even wearing it for the full minute. Rinsing it off was easy, and my skin felt significantly softer and literally looked glowing immediately after use. 
Didn’t irritate my skin
Instant Results
Application can be tedious. 
winteriscomingbuttondatesAnd now time for the giveaway.
I’m giving away a $50 Gift Card to Sephora so you can buy any of your skincare/makeup essentials to enter simply click over to THIS RAFFLECOPTER 
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