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What’s in my Makeup Bags


and a look at my new makeup bags!

While it may seem odd for someone like me, who’s been known not to wear makeup to school most days to have two makeup bags, it’s essential. My lifestyle, which consists of spur of the moment outfit and beauty shots for my blog, as well as the promotion work I do (that often comes with little notice), require that I have beauty products on hand. More often than not, from getting the email, or phone call I don’t have time to go back home and get fixed up so it’s completely necessary.

Before I get into more about what exactly is in my makeup bags, I have to tell you a little about these awesome new bags that were given to me. It’s a set from 9cm Zoo (you can buy them HERE), a brand created by Dora Huang, a well known artist who graduated from one of Taiwan’s top art schools. For these distinct products she uses watercolors to create unique characters each with their own personality. In the 9cm Zoo collection the variety of animals is great and they’re all super cute.

The lion and giraffe I was sent are made of thick durable canvas and have heavy duty zippers, which means no worries for me. I can easily throw these in my backpack or “modeling” bag without worrying they’re break, fade or come open. And everyone gives me compliments on them! While I did use them as makeup bags, they’d work as a variety of other storage cases, and I’m even thinking of getting an extra to keep my school supplies in.

dsc_1034dsc_1031Inside the lion bag I like to keep my touchup items, that aren’t exactly makeup. This includes my beauty blender, a sample size of sunscreen, lotion, lip balm, my contacts case, and hand lotion.

The giraffe bag holds my actually makeup that I wear, while it isn’t “full face” it has everything I need to be considered “photo ready” (that’s what the promotional company I work for calls the midlevel makeup they desire). I have a matte liquid lipstick, as well as a plumping gloss, mascara (and an eyelash curler), foundation, concealer, and an eyebrow and eyeliner pencil.


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