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5 Task to Use a Tea Kettle

Not including to Make Tea

  1. Making Ramen Noodles – As a college student this has to be my number one use for my tea kettle. I prefer the cups to the square packets because they have all the freeze dried stuff in them! With a tea kettle once I heat up the water it’s super easy to pour it in to the ramen cup without making a big mess, something I’m otherwise prone to.
  2.  Canning Assistance – In the past you might have seen some posts of me canning things, which I of course do with a pressure cooker. However I’ve found having a tea kettle around can be a great extra tool to have. For extra water for a water bath or adding water to the jars I’ve been loving using a tea kettle.
  3. Drain Cleaning – While I don’t mind using chemical drain cleaners, I don’t think it’s that safe to be using them all the time. One alternative I use pouring hot water down the drains weekly and only using chemicals when there’s a known blockage.
  4. Weed Killing – I know, I know again with the natural thing but for my yard, and especially vegetable garden I don’t like to use chemicals. Boiling hot water and pouring it on the weeds works wonders and is a whole lot better than just pulling them out. In a vegetable  garden using a tea kettle is great because of the more precise application.
  5. Making Oatmeal – While I’m personally not a big fan of eating breakfast or breakfast food I know that it’s important to eat in the mornings. Using a tea kettle takes less time, and less hassle than any other way!


And now I want to get a little bit of a shout out to the tea kettle that I’ve been using lately to do all these tasks! It was actually given to me by the nice people at Chefs Limited and you can get it HERE. Since using it, my life has been so much easier! The contemporary style is super cool and I love how light weight it is. Plus the whistle cap makes a very audible sound (I’m even able to hear it when I’m a few rooms over) and it’s well worth the price.


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