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A Cape and a Cat

While my grades aren’t in yet I’m officially done with the semester. I’m not too worried about them, because the grade book gives me a pretty good idea of what I’ll get (you can fill in if you get x grade on the final what your finished grade will be) but I’d still like them to be on the official transcript. Even without that done, I’m feeling significantly less stressed and have a bit more time, which of course meant I had to go out and take outfit photos. While it’s pretty cold where I am, the temperature  wasn’t too bad at my grandparents where I took these photos although there was a lot of rain.

dsc_1152Cape – Whenever I look at vintage photos, I’m always interested to see what they’re wearing. One of my favorites, of outwear are the capes, so when I was given the chance to pick something out from I had to go with this piece. I love the double breasted style and the pocket to keep my hands warm. This cape is light weight but super warm!

Jeans – These used to be one of my favorite pair of jeans, as you can probably tell by how worn they look. While they’re still extremely comfortable they’ve stretched out a bit much and the knee hole has gotten a bit too wide. It’s just a matter of time until these jeans end up in something like that recycled woven rug DIY I did.

Boots – Last but not least are the boots I’m wearing. They are burberry rain boots that I bought like four years ago although I don’t wear them very often.




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