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Trying out Loreal Color Vibrancy Intensive Hair Products

While it hasn’t actually been that long since I’ve done a beauty review, it sure does feel like it since I remember a time when I was testing out new beauty products every day. However when I was given this set of L’oreal color vibrancy intensive shampoo, conditioner, and repair mask I knew I’d want to share with you guys how they worked out. Each member of the Color Vibrancy set comes in a bright red container with the Loreal name and very similar stickers on the front.They’re all made to deeply repair and revive hair as well as resist color fade.

  • L’oreal Color Vibrancy Shampoo – After one bad experience with a shampoo for color treated hair, I’ve always been wary of them. Starting out I was happy to see how good this one smelled and putting it into my hair it kept the scent. While it isn’t a heavy clean it’ll do the job just fine(as long as you aren’t one of those once a week shampooers), even for oil hair. It didn’t tangle my hair and rinsed out easily without taking any color or leaving color deposits.
  • L’oreal Color Vibrancy Conditioner – I was a little surprised when trying out this conditioner that it wasn’t nearly as heavily scented as the conditioner but it still had the same pleasant smell. It was however super moisturizing and easily detangled my curly hair.
  • L’oreal Post-Color Repair Mask – After shampooing, instead of conditioning this mask can be applied. While it says “post color” they don’t actually mean right after you dye your hair, but rather that you have dyed your hair. For me use once a week in place of the conditioner does the trick, as it’s like the super version of their vibrancy conditioner.

Verdict: Overall I really like the L’oreal Color Vibrancy Intensive set of hair products. While I wouldn’t say these are comparable to top “salon brands” for $3-$4 each they’re fantastic. The shampoo and conditioner are life savers (especially if you like to go for the more extreme colors) and although I don’t often like added things like hair masks this one is pretty good.



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