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DIY Felt Pinecone Ornaments

Christmas is just around the corner and since I have some free time, because it’s winter break and I’m off school, I thought it would be the perfect time to try and make some Christmas ornaments. I’d actually seen a picture of a decorative dish full of felt pinecones in a decorative magazine and used the photo as sort of my “pattern” for creating my own pinecones, with the supplies I already had at home. Each pinecone took about ten minutes to make and while they don’t look as “perfect” as the magazine version I’m pretty happy with them.

stepsThe first step in making these pinecones is getting two different colors of felt and cutting them out identically. You’re going to want flower shaped pieces that gradually get smaller, the amount depending on how big you want your pinecone to be. From there you’re going to put little holes in the middle of each flower piece as well as the squares so they can easily slide down the skewer. I did this with a sewing tool I had but a variety of items would work.

Then (as shown in the top right photo) place color matched flower pieces on the skewer (starting with your largest pieces) followed by color matched squares, and repeat until you like the size of your pinecone. At this point you can break off the leftover end of the skewer and cover the broken piece with the three leave piece wrapped around it with the leaves placed upwards and hot glue done. On the bottom hot glue a circular piece to cover the skewer, place the ribbon or string and then glue another circle over that.

Once this dries you can add glitter using something like elmer’s glue to get it to stick and hang on your Christmas tree. If you want them to be just felt pinecone decorations simply leave off the ribbon for hanging.



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