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DIY Christmas Fairy Tree Topper

Merry Christmas to everyone! While I’ve been able to spend quite a bit of time with my family (hopefully you have too), I’ve also had a bit of fun doing Christmas themed DIY projects. I’ve already shared my felt pinecone DIY and before it’s past the holiday season I had to show you guys the tree topper I made. It’s actually based off of a magazine kit I was given, more details on that later, and since it was all done with a needle and thread it is perfect for a car trip or sitting in front of the television.


The first step was getting all of the pieces cut out, the patterns for which are available at the website for the magazine Mollie Makes. I traced these patterns onto wax paper and then ironed them on to felt. Since the pieces were more intricate this made it significantly easier to cut out. Then came the embroidery where I ended up straying a bit from the given pattern. Most of the work is on her face and star hat but there is a bit on her dress. Once the three pieces of the fairy tree topper’s dress are sewn together then you can do those embroideries. To get the shape of the skirt a pice of thin cardboard was rolled and then sewn into the skirt. To make the arms just use a pipe cleaner to get the shape. Once these parts are done, the rest of the assembly is super easy.

In the end my Christmas Fairy Tree Topper took about two hours to make which is a bit longer than I expected for a magazine kit. This tree topper is incredibly cute though, and it made for great busy work. The only thing is, using the pattern provided online, it makes a tree topper for what really is a mini tree. You can however size up the pattern pretty easily to fit your needs.


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