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Outfit: Basic Winter Break Look


Now that most of the holiday stuff is over (still have New Years celebrations to go) I can finally say I’m happy to be on winter break. With all the updates to my blog (I’ll talk more about switching from Hanna Marie Lei to Like Hanna in a future blog post) family visiting, as well as a few upcoming projects I haven’t had much time to relax or do fun things. However for my last little while of break I’ll be able to now that I’ve marked a few things off my list. To sort of go with my limited laid back time I wanted to share my basic winter break outfit and a cool new necklace I was given. Of course since it is my time off all of these photos are the natural, no makeup kind.


Necklace – I want to start out with my favorite piece from the outfit, this Druzy necklace that the company gave me! From there site you can pick from three different colors, black, pink or blue like I did after considering my options for quite awhile. The arrow design and gold tone are completely on trend, but the necklace is made unique by the crystal they used and how thick it is. I’m completely in love with it. You can get your own HERE

Coat – Unlike the necklace I’ve had the rest of this outfit for quite awhile and the coat is no exception. It’s a basic military style and quite warm.

Jeans – The one piece of this outfit I’m not happy about are these jeans. While I have gained a bit of weight over the past few years, these jeans make it look like I’ve gained 50 since my last outfit post A Cape + A Cat. For one they’re a bit loose in the legs which never looks good for a skinny leg cut, two  the waist is a bit low but the worst thing is the seams. Since they don’t line up where they should they end up making my legs look much bigger than they are in real life. Overall a perfect example of what not to wear.

Boots – To end this outfit on a good note, I do have to say I quite like these boots, although my favorite way to wear them is with a dress rather than a pair of jeans.





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