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DIY (Barbie) Doll Closet

The last time I did a DIY with wood was a least a year ago, and it was a BIG project spanning  about a week. While it was a lot of work I ended up with a new piece of furniture, that I’m still extremely happy with. However for my latest project, a doll closet, I for sure didn’t want something that took that took that long. Luckily making this doll closet only took about a day to do.

dsc_0338As soon as I saw this base at a thrift store for $2 I knew I wanted to fix it up and use it as a gift for a relative of mine.

dsc_0336The first step was cutting a back for the closet using scrap wood from shipping containers. I just used a regular ruler and measured because there was quite a bit of room for error, and then cut out the wood using a jig saw. Because I don’t have a “work bench” I put down two cinder blocks and cut that way.


Then on to the painting. I took apart all the pieces, primed them and then painted them white, as well as painting the new back to the closet. While I was doing this I also spray painted the hardware, changing it from brass to silver colored. To do the screws I put them into the cardboard box and sprayed the heads and then the bottoms.


To finish it off I reassembled the pieces, put the back on using 1/2 inch nails, and then added a hanging rod. I put the rod above the drawers because this closet is for Barbies, so that the dolls could be behind the door. Had my relative preferred big dolls like American Girl dolls, the hanging rod would have been behind the door and the shelf would have been used for accessories. To finish it off I bought a pack of hangers via amazon. For the picture I put in an old Barbie doll of mine and some random clothing, but for the gift the doll closet came with a new barbie and barbie clothing for her.

So there’s my project! Have you done any great DIYs lately? 



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