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Killing us Softly, Book Review

Killing Us Softly by Efram Smith

Reborn in the Upside-Down Image of God

About the Book :  

The gospel is good news, but in a world like ours, it can seem like a kind of death. The road to life in Christ, after all, takes us through the Cross.

But if God is killing us, he’s killing us softly, gently remaking us in his image. That’s a stark difference from our cold, hard world- a world turned upside down by sin, a world no one gets out of alive.

In Killing Us Softly Efrem Smith invites us into the countercultural Kingdom of God right here in our midst, which is actively, relentlessly setting us and the whole world right-side up.

*I received this book from the publisher for review purposes.

My Thoughts: Efram Smth talks about a subject that isn’t addressed in the way it needs to be, especially in church. That is how God makes changes to people, a common theme, but one that’s often forgotten. This is said to start as soon as you accept the Word, and these changes are through him. Changes on our perspective. Smith shares stories about his life growing up and as an adult, as well as other people. . The changes of how we look at things of the world and things in the world.The whole book is about how your life turns upside down . A great book to read on your own or in a discussion.



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