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A Big Coat at the Courthouse

While at an outlet mall I love to frequent I came across an amazing sale. I originally went thinking I might find a few good Christmas presents, but ended up with a haul of designer items for myself, and a few things for my friends. I’d been at the mall for a little over an hour with no luck, seeing mostly just the typical “made for outlet” lower quality items, I came across the DKNY store. Unlike the other stores they didn’t have any Christmas promotional signs up, but from outside you could tell there was something going on. Inside I found out it was a store closing which meant that in addition to the pieces being marked off the regular 30%-50% they were another 90% off on top of that, which was almost too good to believe. I ended up spending over an hour trying on different pieces and  took home almost all of them. One of which was the coat I’m wearing as well as the shirt underneath it.

For these photos (which I think turned out amazing thanks to my photographer) I went to Downtown Franklin and took a bunch of photos near the courthouse just before the sun set.


Coat – I’ve already talked about how I got the coat above and I’m completely happy with it! It’s extremely thick, and I did size up so I could layer pieces underneath it, but it still looks dressy and doesn’t overwhelm me.

Top – It is a bit hard to see the top (which came from the same haul as the coat) but in the last photo I tried to open my jacket a bit, but it was too cold for much more than that. Basically it’s a long sleeve sheer button up that came with a tank top to go underneath it.

Pants – I’ve had these “trendy” cargo pants for a year and a half, and while they’re technically active wear more often then not I wear them for everyday looks.

Shoes – Chunky little boots are one of my autumn/winter favorites so of course I had to add a pair to this outfit which I think dresses it up a bit.




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