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5 Tips for Working at Home

Between being a student and as a blogger I spend a lot of time working from home. I know I’m not the only one either because since the early 2000’s women working at home has been trending upward, with stay at home moms, students, freelancers and small business owners all making their homes their offices. For me personally it’s been a great experience , offering me a ton of opportunities and flexible schedule so that I can fit in working with going to school.

  1. Get Organized – For almost any activity getting organized is essential and this is especially true when you work at home. For me this means having a specific place that I do all my work, boxes where I keep my stuff and an area where I have things that are done, and have yet to be done. I even use tabs for my emails color coding them and putting them in virtual folders based on what they are.
  2. Set Time to Work – One of the big disadvantages of working from home is all the distractions. While you’re working you start to think “oh I’ll just take a minute to do this” or “well while I have a second I can do that” and before you know it you didn’t get anything done. I like to set aside time for a few days each week specifically to work on blogging, and let other times during the week be less structured.
  3. Set Goals – One of the biggest mistakes I made when I started working from home, as well as being a student was not setting goals for myself. Now I like to set yearly, monthly, weekly and sometimes even daily goals. These can vary from readership goals, to sales goals, and even just tasks I want to complete. I’m always sure to add a specific timeline to the goals to make sure I complete them.
  4. Hustle – Something that I’ve learned specifically from being self employed is I have to be out to win, consistently. For me this means negotiating better deals and learning to ask for things, as well as knowing what you’re worth and not taking any less.
  5. Get the Right Equipment – Working from home shouldn’t mean that you’re compromising on what you’re using. For me this means having  a trustworthy computer and a quality camera. While a lot of these purchases can  be pretty expensive there are a few “easy fixes” that don’t cost a lot and are well worth the money spent


One of these fixes for anyone working from home are the these #spektrum glasses that reduce the blue light you see. It’s been known that the blue light from computer screens can cause eye fatigue and mess with our internal clock , ruining your sleep schedule. When I put on the SPECTRUM glasses my eyes immediately felt relaxed, and from wearing them for just a few days my productivity has skyrocketed and my sleep has gotten so much better. While I was given these glasses to try out I can say after doing so they’re well worth getting. Plus they’re incredibly on trend so I can even wear them to class!




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