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Outfit: Oversized Cardigan + Black Denim

School’s back in session and while I wouldn’t say I’m hating it, but I’m not that enthusiastic. Switching over to getting up early and having a few late night classes and all the class work is a lot. Plus if you know me, you know that I over schedule myself, which of course isn’t helping. Hopefully after a few weeks I’ll get the schedule down and be able to manage everything a little better, but for now it’s quite hectic.

So in this transition week, I’ve kept up with the casual dressing I did over winter break and wanted to share with you guys a cardigan from StyleWe I’m absolutely loving.


Cardigan – Lets start with my favorite piece of this outfit, this cardigan that was given to me by the people at StyleWe. The army green color is flattering and the longer length makes it perfect to wear with any of my outfits. I’m especially loving the fitted sleeves. You can get one yourself HERE

Tank Top –  Underneath the cardigan I went with a simple racerback tank top.

Jeans – For the pants I went with a skinny leg black denim pair of pants. I actually bought them for work, but have ended up using them just as much for casual outfits.

Boots – I’ve had these boots  for at least two years, but recently found them stored away with a few winter coats, so of course I had to wear them.






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