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Deep Water, Book Review

Deep Water by Christine Poulson

One Mistake and You’re Drowning

About the Book: An obesity treatment has been discovered, but before anyone can benefit, a dispute breaks out about who owns the discovery. David Marchmont, a patent lawyer, is asked to handle the case. There’s one big problem, though: crucial evidence is missing–evidence that might have a bearing on the clinical trial two years before.

David’s personal life has its own challenges. His daughter, Chloe, has a rare and serious genetic condition. His wife, Rachel, becomes friendly with a young researcher, Kate Flanagan, who is seeking a cure for Chloe’s disorder; Kate, in turn, becomes concerned that her lab colleagues may be cutting corners on the obesity drug.

As evidence of mishandling mounts–then disappears–Kate, Rachel, and David find themselves caught up in acute ethical challenges and personal danger. Is biotechnology outstripping our capacity to make ethical decisions?

My Thoughts: Mystery novels are kind of my thing so of course I was super excited at the chance to review one thanks to the publisher. It is even better than I expected. Kate is a bit of an undercover scientist sees sabotage for what it is. She exposes the danger in what’s happening in the million dollar industry, in the competitiveness and lack of ethics. It’s so easy to get attached to each of the characters and the book is well done from start to finish. Well worth a read.



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