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Recipe,Vegan Spanish Rice Meal

My first week back has been crazy, which makes me realize maybe my winter break wasn’t as busy as I thought it was. While I haven’t been able to post as much as I’d like to I’m hoping by the end of next week I’ll have everything all together so I can get on a more consistent schedule of sharing with you guys. I have made a few great meals in the past week with my new Ozeri frying pan and wanted to share one of my recipes with you as well as give a mini review of this pan at the end of the post.  This one is mostly for Spanish Rice but in addition I shared a little bit of info on how to make the rest of the meal so it’s a complete dinner.


The first step is of course putting the already cooked rice into your frying pan with a bit of vegetable oil on high on your stove top. Then add in a cup of salsa, and let this heat up for five minutes (or everything is completely heated). Then add chipotle peppers, two tablespoons of taco sauce, a pinch of paprika and black pepper. Once this is is heated it’s ready to go.

Making the guacamole is simply mashed avocados, diced tomato, lemon juice and lime juice, garlic powder, red pepper, and sweet paprika mixed together. This is made to either go with chips or on top of a bean burrito with vegan cheese.

dsc_1796Now lets talk about that Ozeri 10″ Green Earth Frying pan.

In the past I’ve tried out a few different “for the home” Ozeri products, and have always been impressed with the quality and innovative designs they have. This pan is no exception, not only is the green color adorable, but the pan is durable and the nonstick coating works amazingly well. For smaller dishes this 10″ pan is my go to. You can get your own from Amazon HERE.



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