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Trying the Derma Roller Skincare System

I know I keep saying I’m going to get my school work schedule figured out and be able to post more regularly but I’m still working on it! With any luck it’ll be in the next few weeks but until then I’m stuck posting things on the weekend. I have had a little bit of time though to try out this derma roller. My results have actually been really good (although they do take a lot of time) so I wanted to share my process, a few tips for doing a derma roller skincare system, and a review of this derma roller.


The first step is going to be buying your derma roller, and they come in a variety of needle sizes, from .5 mm to 2.5 mm that make them best for different things. The smallest size is great for hair growth and eye treatments, and almost all are great for cell regeneration, wrinkles and enhanced nutrient absorption. If you have small acne scars you’ll want to go for a small roller and if you have larger scars a bigger needle size would be necessary. After picking out your needle size and placing your order, your package won’t take long to arrive. It’s important to make sure when you get your derma roller out that it has a plastic wrap around it showing it hasn’t been used and that it’s marked as sterile. It should also have a reusable case that you’ll keep it in in-between uses so it won’t get damaged or dirty.


To Use

For the Face: First make sure to clean your skin with a disinfectant like alcohol swipes, before getting started. Then using the derma roller press it against your face and roll on the area you want to treat, 4 times up, four times down, four times diagonal to the right, and four times diagonal to the left. While your skin should be red, it shouldn’t be bleeding or have blood spots. In that case roll more gently. Then apply a peptide mask (can be bought online or any drug store) for 5-10 minutes. Treat every other week, and make sure to apply sunscreen after use.

For the Body: Treatment is basically the same for the body as it is for the face. Disinfect the skin, and use the derma roller 4 times up, four times, down, four times diagonal to the right and four times diagonal to the left. You can press a little harder than you do on the face. Once done apply a lotion to your skin, I like a combo vitamin e and aloe vera. Treat once a week unless using the bigger sizes than once every three weeks.

Results: Your skin will take a little while to show results, but a week after your first use they should start appearing. This is because of the collagen and elastin that the derma roller system encourages. After 3 months you’ll start to see the real results, with some people having scars completely disappear, and wrinkles becoming nonexistent. It’s very important to be careful about cleaning your derma roller and skin as well as not rolling too hard or often or else you can have adverse effects.




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