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Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted

Hope for the Same-Sex Attracted by Ron Citlau

About the Book: As Christians seek to be biblically faithful on the issue of homosexuality, two fundamental questions come to mind: How can a person with same-sex attraction faithfully follow Jesus in his or her sexuality? And how can we support and encourage them in this?

With compassion and wisdom–on a topic rife with misunderstanding and hurt–author and pastor Ron Citlau will help you think deeply and clearly about every option the Bible offers, and what it clearly does not. Having personally dealt with same-sex attraction, walked with others still struggling, and pastored those with gay loved ones, he thoroughly examines all of the available options–heterosexual marriage, singleness, celibacy, and more–and considers them in light of the Scriptures.

With clarity and grace, he helps you discover the remarkable gifts God provides to the Christian who struggles with same-sex attraction and desires to faithfully follow Jesus. Here is a message of hope and practical, loving guidance for those who are same-sex attracted–and those who love them.

My Thoughts: In today’s age talking about homosexuality as anything but celebrated is often looked down on so I was a little apprehensive about reviewing this book (which was given to me by the publisher) because of how easily things can be misunderstood. However I’ve decided to go though and review it with an open mind. I was immediately impressed with how the book spoke to the reader, I’d originally expected a very condescending tone  but instead the author was easy to follow, and related well to the reader with personal experience. The whole book was about love and acceptance and reflection. The author doesn’t give any ultimatums but rather ideas to think about.


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