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BoxedWingman Unboxing + Review


Like a lot of people I absolutely love subscription boxes. I’ve tried everything from food subscription boxes (check out my Hello Fresh review) to lifestyle boxes like Popsugar’s Must Have Boxes, but had never tried a date night box. Actually until this year I’d never heard of having a subscription box for dates, but for the past month or so this company BoxedWingman seemed to be sponsoring all of my favorite Instagram influencers, one of which was giving away 100 free boxes to their followers, which I couldn’t pass up.

The first thing I didn’t like when I went to the site is that you couldn’t see previous months’ boxes to get a feel of what was going to be in your box, but since I thought I was getting a free box, it didn’t really matter. Unfortunately the box wasn’t free as I had to pay $6 for shipping (which I didn’t realize until after I’d submitted my order) but I wasn’t too concerned as that’s still pretty cheap for a subscription box.

While I was looking at their site though, I realized there was no way to completely cancel my subscription service only delay it for x amount of months, and quickly emailed the company to figure out how I would be able to cancel. After a week of no response I tried again and also send an Instagram DM before commenting on one of their photos. Eventually I, and another girl who was having the same issue got a response, and our comments deleted. Of course the response was to just log into my account, which is why I had emailed them in the first place.

My box did arrive as scheduled and here’s what was inside.


A mallet, three carving tools, two wood boards, a piece of sand paper four paint brushes, a cracked plate, a container with stain, four things of paint (three in yellow and one black) a glue stick some leather pieces and a little pencil along with instructions. When I found out what it was that was planned for the “date” I was actually really excited, because these sort of projects are my thing, so I invited a friend over to do it with me.

Once we got started we realized that this was actually a pretty big project, not helped by the fact I picked out two of the more complicated patterns for us to do. Mine was this cute puppy! The first step was using the glue stick to glue on the paper pattern so you could more easily hammer it out. Of course this doesn’t work because regular glue doesn’t work on wood, so we ended up using tape.


Then I went on to using the mallet to hit around the design for an outline. I say I because my “date” had to wait until I was done because there is only one of each tool. Then the second step which was pretty hard, both because I have zero skill and because the tool really wasn’t right for the wood type. However I figured I would go on to the next step and do the stain, which didn’t exactly work like I expected even though I followed the directions. There wasn’t enough stain for my piece let alone another one, and while I’m sure I did something wrong I have no idea what it was.


When we had to give it because the sun was going down, we’d spent two hours on our project, and this was as far as we’d gotten.

So do I think Boxed Wingman date boxes are worth the money? From this box I have to say not really. While I think the date idea was a lot of fun, it just didn’t work out right. While I’ll readily admit we could have (and should have) picked easier patterns, that doesn’t make the poor directions and lack of supplies any less at fault. Not having doubles of each of the tools, and not enough stain made it seem like it was more of a craft for one then a couples activity. Just paying $6 in shipping I feel like I want my money back, so I know I would be upset paying $40 (this is the normal price but they always seem to have 25%-%50 discounts on their site) not to mention the terrible billing set up this company has. I was only saved that issue because I used one of those prepaid visa gift cards, so I know they won’t be able to charge me month after month.

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  1. Lux G. says

    I haven’t tried subscription box and problems as such is my concern. It should be easy to cancel your subscription. I hope this gets sort out.

    Great review still. Thanks for your honesty.


    • Thanks for reading! It’s something I’ve always been concerned about with any subscription box, but this is the first one I’ve encountered the problem with.


  2. Wow, that would’ve probably turned me off right away having to go through all that just to cancel a membership I didn’t even sign up for! Not only that, to have to wait so long for someone to get back to me and then delete my honest feedback, so shady. I wonder if you were to have reached out to one of the influencers and told them about the problem if it would’ve been handled differently. Nonetheless, it really shouldn’t matter because they should care about all their customers, regardless of where they’ve discovered them. That said, the box does seem like fun and quite relaxing. I don’t know if my hubby would want to do this with me, though, haha. He’s more into really active things, as opposed to calming and relaxing activities, such as painting. My mom, on the other hand, would LOVE to do this with me. Thanks for sharing your honest thoughts on this service. Hopefully they’ll read this post and fix whatever they need to on their end because I don’t think I’m inclined to try it out, though it sounds like a great concept. I hope you’re having a great week so far, beauty!




  3. That’s always my fear with subscription services – some of them make it so difficult or confusing to cancel! I like the concept behind this one, but it does sound like it wasn’t executed that well. I definitely appreciate the honest review!

    Kathryn •


  4. I’m just starting to get on the subscription boxes bandwagon. I signed up for Rocks Box and hated it, Birch Box only sends me makeup which I don’t wear, but I have no compliments from my Popsugar box, I love everything I’ve received so far. I like the idea of a date night box. Sometimes it’s hard to keep it spontaneous and come up with different date activities. This box would defiantly come in handy in my house. Sucks it wasn’t as cool as it sounded. I hate when companies make it hard to cancel their service. It’s a huge red flag for me. Great idea of using a Visa gift card, that takes a lot of stress and worry off of you.
    xoxo | Mary


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