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DIY Button Jewelry

When I share do it yourself projects with you guys, they’re almost always sewing, and very occasionally woodworking related but today I have something a little different for you guys. DIY Button Jewelry. While in the past I’ve been a big fan of the typical expensive jewelry I’ve been slowly shifting to more meaningful pieces, and actually have been loving tacky pieces and when I thought of doing a DIY (because it’s been awhile, this was the first thing that came to mind. The supplies to make this are easy to find, and pretty cheap, and as for the buttons you are almost guaranteed to find a collection at a relative’s house like I did. And the time to make them is really fast, so lets start with the earrings.


The first step is picking out the buttons you want to use. For the first pair of earrings I went with a purple/blue color scheme but for the second I went with a singular color. I then took an earring hook, and hooked a jump ring in it, and then closed the jump ring. I then took another jump ring and threaded it through one of the button holes. I then attached the two jump rings. Next attach a jump ring through the button hole on the other side as well as a jump ring on the next button you want to use, then attach these. Repeat until you have the desired length, and then you’re done. You can actually safely make a very long pair of earrings as long as you’re using light weight beads like I did.


And now on to the bracelet. Originally I though I would just do the button earrings, but I saw this cute charm bracelet starter and thought I’d give it a try, but I didn’t have very high hopes. After completing it though I’m completely loving it, more than the earrings funny enough. It reminds me a little of the coin bracelets that seem to have come back in style, but with a fun twist.


The supplies for this bracelet are basically the same, but instead of the earrings, you’ll need a blank charm bracelet, I personally went with a toggle one, but a variety of these are available at craft stores inexpensively. From there I decided on my pattern, and then changed it from having a few small buttons to just having larger buttons because I liked the look better. Then I threaded a jump ring through each bead and then onto the chain of the bracelet.


And there you have it, my finished DIY Button Jewelry.


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  1. Lux G. says

    Turning something ordinary to something gorgeous. Great hobby! You can turn it into profit. Good job!


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