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Welcome To College, Book Review

Welcome to College by Jonathan Morrow

A Christ-Follower’s Guide for the Journey

About the Book: In this engaging guide, Jonathan Morrow encourages students to consider and engage the issues they will face in the dorm, on campus, and in the college classroom. A great gift idea for all high school graduates! This book includes things like how to avoid peer pressure and alcohol as well as dating. How to manage time and study well as well as have fun.  Then deeper ones like how to grow spiritually and follow Jesus on campus.

My Thoughts: Going to college can be hard. I was lucky to go to a more conservative college where the temptations weren’t quite as high but they were still there. However this book isn’t just about “being good’ but more about the spiritual journey. This book is really relevant for a college student, and was written very well for people going to school. The subjects are diverse and well separated. For someone going to college this would make a great gift.


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