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Gingham Dress, 2 Ways Gothic + Girly

Normally when I’ve done outfit inspiration posts I put together one complete outfit based on a certain activity or trend and then pair it with a few makeup products that complete the look. Today however I thought I’d try something a little different with this outfit guide and share one trend that’s really in, the gingham dress and show it done two different ways. To make it even a little more challenging I decided to go with the same cold shoulder (remember when I shared an off the shoulder outfit inspiration) gingham dress for both the gothic and girly outfits.


The first look I’m going with is the “girly” one. While it isn’t over the top feminine I wasn’t exactly sure how else to label it, because words like “basic” and “mainstream” have a lot of negative connotations behind them and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the style. The outfit’s just really cute and how I’ve seen it mostly worn via street style and online.

But about the outfit. I wanted to keep it really light and simple so I had to refrain from layers even though where I’m located it’s still a necessity. The first one is the heels. I love  Mary Jane heels so I went with a sandal that has some of those elements without being as clunky and in white to keep the outfit light. To finish it off I added a little color with a light pink clutch.


For the second look I wanted to do a style that’s a big contrast to the girly feminine look above, and one that is having a little bit of a resurgence, gothic style. For me this look is all about layering and dark colors. I went with chunky heels (which are a little hard to find this season) and black tights. While full tights would look good for this outfit I especially like the look of the just above the knee stockings. To finish it off I went with a brimmed hat.

Let me know in the comments which style’s your favorite or if you have another one you’d love to see.


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