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DIY Baby Rag Quilt

DIY projects are always fun, but since I like to do more complicated projects also tend to take me quite awhile to finish, especially when it comes to sewing. Luckily though over the weekend I found a bit of extra time (maybe when I should have been studying) and lots of small pieces of fabric so I made a rag quilt for a baby. Originally it was going to be a baby present but it turned out so well that now I’ve gotten pretty attached to it.  The total time to make it was 4 hours.

diyThe first step is cutting out the fabric pieces into squares, 100 total. I used an AccuQuilt die to get the fringe texture. I then placed all the squares into groups of four and then sewed them together. Then I matched them with basic pink squares into the same size as the grouped multi fabric pieces to create a 5 x 5 and then sew together, and do this again so you have two sets. Put in a backing and quilt these two together.


So what do you think? Have you been working on any projects lately?


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