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Don’t Settle for Safe, Book Review

Don’t Settle for Safe by Sarah Jakes Roberts

About the Book: Popular speaker and author Sarah Jakes Roberts shows women they are not disqualified by their pain and failures and offers encouragement and strength to believe God’s best is still possible.

Everyone has experiences in their lives that stop them in their tracks and become burdens they carry with them everywhere they go. No one knows this better than Sarah Jakes Roberts. Pregnant at fourteen, married by nineteen, divorced by twenty-two, and all while under the intense spotlight of being Bishop T.D. Jakes’s daughter, Sarah knows what it is to feel buried by failure and aching pain.

But when her journey brought her to faith’s fork in the road, Sarah found she had to choose between staying in the comfort of the pain she knew or daring to make new wounds and move forward. Now Sarah shares the numerous life lessons she’s learned along the way with other women also struggling to believe they’re not disqualified by their pain and past mistakes. She delves into topics such as allowing the past to empower the present, choosing to step forward while still being afraid, facing struggles surrounded by community, finding intimacy with God outside preconceived notions of what it has to look like, and learning to focus on others. With deeply personal stories of her own, Sarah helps readers find their way to the right perspective and the confidence to walk toward the best God has for them.

My Thoughts: I originally picked this book for review because I saw Sarah on the cover and thought she looked gorgeous, which sounds like an awful reason to pick a book but I’m glad ended up with Don’t Settle for Safe. Little did I know her father is a famous bishop (over a million instagram followers, which is the least of his fame), and why Sarah is a great role model for young women. She takes all of what’s happened to her, and instead of letting them control her she takes it and has become better with help from God. I only wish it had gone a little farther and motivated the reader towards the right decision instead of just getting out of their comfort zone.


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