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Fitness Friday: 5 Tips for (Healthy) Weight Loss

I’ve always been someone who’s weight fluctuates but with school I’ve seen it rise quite a bit into an area I’d rather it not be. I think that it’s a combination of stress and lack of time to exercise but up into December I was my heaviest weight (still within the “heathy” BMI though) . To kick start my weight loss I was lucky enough to get to try two weeks of Jenny Craig food which helped me lose about 5 lbs during the time period and since then I’ve been going it myself and decided to share with you guys my five tips for losing weight.

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1. Measure

I know a lot of people go back and forth about if they should be weighing themselves every day or not, but for me personally it has been a huge help. The best way to do so is at the same time each day (I like to do it just after I get up in the morning) and keep track of where you are. For me a little fluctuation is just fine, but it’s super important to use a digital scale for a more accurate reading. I’m loving the one from Eat Smart (link to buy ) that I was given because it also included a tape measure that I use weekly as another check to make sure I’m on track.

2. Exercise 

If you’re like me this is probably something that you don’t want to hear but it’s so important. You need to be exercising daily for at least 30 minutes, not only with this burn calories but it’ll boost your metabolism.


3. Liquids 

While I do say liquids for the most part I mean water. Sure you can get hydrated from variety of drinks, but often times they have a lot of additives that aren’t that helpful to your weight loss / being healthy goal. I’ve actually been using this LIFEWTR that I received complimentary because the bottles are so pretty.

4. Stress Relief 

The one that I’ve had a big problem with is stress, which can really create a lot of problems in any healthy lifestyle. To combat it I’ve tried to be more conscious about it and have been doing yoga.

5. Portion Food

The main reason I gain weight is from over eating. So to fix the problem I now look at serving sizes and decide how much I’m going to eat before I start.

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