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Recipe, Shish Taouk w/ Tahini Sauce

It’s been a little while since I shared a recipe with you guys and I thought that I could get back into it by sharing this Middle Eastern one. I’ve shared a few others like Making Syrian Casserole + Recipe and Arabian Gulf Style Baked Chicken & Vegetables Recipe that were super popular but I think this one will be even bigger of a hit.  This recipe is  incredibly easy to make and tastes great, even for those not as accustomed to the typical mid east cuisine. So lets get started with the Shish Taouk with Tahini Sauce. recipe

Ingredients: Shish Taouk 

2 Chicken breast 

plain yogurt (1/2 cup)

olive oil (2 tablespoons)

vinegar (tablespoon)

1/2 lemon

Spices (this is to your specific taste)

garlic, black pepper, curry, salt, cumin, cinnamon, chick spice mix

First cut the chicken into cubes, and place into a bowl. Mix in the spices yogurt, olive oil, and vinegar. Then put the refrigerator (this can be done overnight, but at least an hour) so the chicken absorbs everything. Once this is done warm a frying pan, and put vegetable oil on it and cook the chicken. Cook time is 10-15 minutes.

Ingredients Tahini: 

Yogurt (1/2 cup)

3 tablespoons tahini 

3/4 lemon 

1/2 tablespoon olive oil

Salt, black pepper (based on personal preference)

Place all the ingredients into a bowl and mix together, then add water to get the desired consistency. It should be a little thicker than mustard.

To finish off the recipe put pita bread that’s lightly brushed with olive oil in the oven for 5-10 minutes on a low temperature. Put the chicken, cucumber and lettuce in the pita and top with the tahini sauce.




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