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Anjou Dead Sea Mud Mask, Review

In my beauty routine one of the most important things is skincare. While I don’t war makeup everyday (especially if I’m just going to school) I’m always sure to do my full skincare routine. I have separate day and night routines as well as those things that I do weekly. Some of these are things to get rid of and keep away acne, some to reduce scars, and some for moisturizing and some to reduce signs of aging.  I’m especially fond of products that can check off more than one of these needs and was very happy to review a dead sea mask that claimed to be able to do so.

This dead sea mud mask is from Anjou (you can find them on amazon)  who were nice enough to send it to me for review.  The price is about $18 and has free prime shipping, and is 17 oz.  When it came in I was immediately happy that it was safety sealed with plastic both around the box and inside the container of the dead sea mud so no worries about it coming to you dry or spilled. The bottle itself is a light grey and both the box and bottle have an image of dead sea mud on them. The mud itself is a grayish brown and has a wet clay texture that’s very smooth. While it does have a slight scent it isn’t overwhelming.

Verdict: I’ve tried a few different mud masks (see Review: Hello Cutie Mud Mask and Review: Pom Green Clay and Tea Mask) but this dead sea one from Anjou is in a class by itself. To use I just apply in to my face shoulders upper back and chest and let it dry before washing it off in the shower. It moisturizes my skin and reduced my breakouts, and  unlike other mud masks I’ve tried this one doesn’t have an overwhelming sulfur oder.


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