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DIY Fairy Light Tree

I absolutely love DIY projects both seeing them on Pinterest and admiring them (even if they’re things I’d never do myself) and actually doing the DIYs even if they’re super simple. This one is kind of a mid range one, that I’m not quite sure is complete, and I’m absolutely in love with the results. I actually thought of it because of my Bright Baum tree, that years later I’m still loving, and wanted to recreate on a larger scale without the cost.


The first step is picking out a branch that you like, you can do this at any local park especially after a storm. Just make sure it’s tall and full enough! Then spray paint it, I went with white but you can do just about any neutral color to match your room. Then add glitter spray and let dry. Then get a planter’s pot and add what’s basically junk to the bottom making sure the hole at the bottom is covered. I taped this before adding other things and then put some plaster on this. I then put the branch in and added more plaster.

The next step is optional and that’s painting your pot, and then the important part comes, stringing the lights. I went with some that I had lying around that were okay but not quite as long as I’d like, and strung them around the branch. Originally I thought I’d just do one color but ended up liking the combination a whole lot better. Then that’s the end of my DIY Fairy Tree. It’s sitting in my living room next to the fire place.  In the future I might put it in a basket to make it look a little more polished but other than that I wouldn’t change a thing.


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