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Why I’m all in on Turbans

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Since the 1930’s scarves on top of heads haven’t really been a thing (except for a short lived 1970’s trend), unless you’re orthodox Christian, or Muslim. However I’ve been noticing a slow change in this to more women embracing wearing a variety of head coverings and let me tell you I’m loving it. While it has been associated strongly with the more modest wear, not that it is a bad thing, that isn’t always the case. What is almost always the case is the feminine and glamours look all of the different styles look, on a variety of women.


While I appreciate a variety of the head scarf styles I’ve just over the moon with one particular option, the turban. Little did I know when I first started admiring them that while they did originate in the Middle East (Persia)  they have been worn all over Europe in various degrees of popularity for over a thousand years. Looking through some old family albums there is actually a few photos of my great grandmother and her sisters sporting them in one of those more popular turban times.

So before we get into my tips for wearing a turban here are my top four reasons why I’m wearing one.

  1. The Look
  2. Gives my Hair a Break
  3. Modesty (bigger for other people)
  4. Quicker to get Ready


The look of a turban is absolutely a big one for me. I kind of went into this earlier but for me it looks so much more put together than a lot of hair styles. The fact that wearing a headscarf gives my hair a break has to be a close second though. While I’m mostly talking about a break from hot styling tools, this also lets me go longer between dying my hair, because turbans are by far the best way to cover root, which it really appreciates. I’ve seen a few hijabi girls breaking up their more traditional scarves with the turban but because of the lack of neck coverage I don’t think it’s a favorite for the strict muslim girls.  For not so modest girls it can be a nice change to cover up a little more without the commitment.  Even though it’s at the bottom of the top four tying a turban (I like to switch up the styles) takes me about 5-7 minutes from picking a scarf to adjusting it to be “just right” while my hair takes me at least 30 minutes to do anything other than a messy bun.

When I’m tying my turban I just do a few things.

  1. Make Sure it isn’t too tight (or loose)
  2. Have A little of my Hairline showing (so I don’t look bald)
  3. Coordinate my scarf with my outfit


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  1. Bailey says

    I’ve never actually worn a headscarf or turban but I’ve always thought I should get one for days when my hair won’t cooperate or I’ve skipped a wash.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Solange says

    I love wearing headscarves, especially when I’m having a bad hair day (which is often). It’s quick, easy and super stylish.


  3. Sarah Blake says

    I’ve never worn a scarf but want to try!

    (also I think I wrote that I follow you on insta as sarry77 but it’s actually sarry777 :))


  4. nicky says

    I don’t have experience wearing a scarf on my head, but I would like to try it! It looks great on you 🙂


  5. bethelderton says

    I have never really thought nmuch about wearing a head scarf until recently. I met a young woman who had been traveling and who was so beautiful and “put together.”
    Mry Beth Elderton


  6. My grandmother often wore head scarves to keep her hairdo from getting messed up on windy days. And it wasn’t unusual for us to wear headscarves when it was cold in order to prevent ear aches during winter months.


  7. alona y says

    I’ve been through a few periods of wearing headscarves, mostly because I love the way they look and the style – and it’s really nice to get my long, thick hair all up and out of the way!


  8. Laura says

    I haven’t actually worn these before. I would love to though. These ones are super cute!


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