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Fitness any Time of Month

I’ve been in and out of the “fitness mode” for a while now. For me that consists of both exercising and eating healthy and I’d like to say I’ve been good about it but truthfully I’m not always. Whenever I’m stressed or it’s a certain time of the month I start coming up with excuses. Like I can’t go out for a run, or I’ll just eat have a bag of Cheetos kind of excuses.

As you can imagine these excuses have kept me from quite getting to the healthy lifestyle I want. While I’m not doing bad I’m for sure not where I want to be. Luckily though I have found something that’ll keep some of my excuses from popping up and that’s the new U by Kotex Fitness collection available at Walgreens.  You can check out their interactive page HERE


All of the products in this line are made to be comfortable protection for people on the move, shaped to fit and flex with your body and designed with exercise in mind. This along with making sure to keep an exercise schedule and be aware of what I’m eating, even on off days has really helped to get me better motivated and prepared for fitness at any time of month.


Be sure to click on over to the Walgreens site to find out more and the Ibotta page to get $2 off your purchase.



  1. Eli says

    I’ve heard about these but was support reluctant to check them out. I definitely will now!


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