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Outfit: On Cincinnati Bridges

Now that I have a little break from school, I’ve got a bit of free time. Not as much as I’d like because of some testing I have to do this summer and a few other things I didn’t expect to come up, but I can have a little bit of time to do something fun. One of those things was going with my friend to Cincinnati. We’d originally went because of a few bird supply stores, and breeders in the area we wanted to check out, but even though I’d found what I needed the week before we decided to go anyways. Our trip started with a trip to Ikea (I bought baby cactuses), Jungle Jim’s Grocery (which isn’t worth the hype if you aren’t into alcohol), and then lunch at a Mediterranean restaurant. By that time we were really hungry and over ordered but the food was actually fantastic.


From there we went to downtown Cincinnati. My friend had originally found parking close to a park we wanted to take pictures in but because of a baseball game the area was completely full. We ended up parking in on the Kentucky side where there was still plenty of free street parking and walking to where we wanted to go.

Even though the wind was terrible I ended up pretty happy with the photos we took on a few different bridges in the Cincinnati area. I didn’t get really any other photos of the area. And in a semi related note I’m thinking about trying out doing vlogs and travel guides in different cities since I’ll be going a few different places. I just need to get better at remembering to take photos of something other than my outfit.




  1. Lux G. says

    School breaks are always a good time to spend with friends and relax and enjoy for a bit.


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