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Cool (+Modest) Summer Outfit and Makeup Inspiration

As you know I get a lot of my fashion inspiration from what I see on the street as well as some of what I see on Instagram and celebrities (minus the Met Gala this year) but a lot of times these trends aren’t exactly modest, or practical for a normal life. So I decided to wrap together a few and create a cool summer look that combines some popular trends and makes it into a modest wearable look.


Top – I’m not sure if you got it (probably not) but I tried to make a pun calling this a cool summer outfit because this is a cold shoulder top. The last off the shoulder piece I shared in an outfit post (Gingham Dress, 2 Ways Gothic + Girly ) was popular, so I thought I could branch out a little and go with an asymmetrical one. I love the ruffles and  buttons that give it a feminine look in addition to being unique. *For an even more modest look you can wear a white turtle neck underneath.

Jeans – With such a structured top I had to contrast that with a destroyed pair of jeans. While this pair is pretty much covered I’ve seen a lot of fun, jeans with fishnets looks, that would also work really well with this.

Sunglasses – While I wanted this outfit to be blue and yellow, I didn’t want to over do it so I went with rose tinted sunglasses. I love that this pair has a cool round design.

Bag – Now for the yellow. I love this pastel yellow because while it is bright, it isn’t harsh. For the design of the bag, I just wanted something structured without being too big.

Shoes – One of the best things about summer are the fun shoes. Not only do these have a cute boat shoe design but they also have the same yellow color as the purse. Plus the straw texture on the bottom is so seasonal.


In addition to sharing a cute outfit I also wanted to share some makeup inspiration to go with it. For this I just picked out the top four beauty items I think would complete the Cool and Modest Summer Outfit look.

Eyeliner – I know I’m a little bit behind on this but I’m just now getting on the eyeliner under the upper waterline trend. It really makes a big difference in how thick my eyelashes look, and keeps the look very natural.

Foundation – Of course for any look I want flawless skin. For different people this can be a BB Cream or a type of foundation. During breakouts or just bad skin days I’ll always go with a liquid foundation.

Blush – I promise I’m not doing a partnership with Bobby Brown but this blush is one of their products, just like the foundation. For looks that favor only a few colors (especially bright ones) adding color to your face is a necessity.

Mascara – Last but not least is mascara. I’m all about volume over length and while I’ve always favored drug store mascara but lately have been trying out (and loving) a natural mascara but more on that later.



  1. I want to try out Bobbi Brown makeup!
    I have a giveaway going live on my blog tomorrow so be sure to check out my blog! xoxo


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