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Short Stop at Indiana Dunes

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should @hannamarielei) you might have noticed that last week I spent a little bit of time in Chicago. I’d actually went with my friend to drive their sister back home after a visit and stayed the night in the city. I promise in the morning I had put on makeup and did my hair, but after walking in a very windy and hot downtown to our car (because free parking is the only way to go) it was almost like I hadn’t at all. So please forgive how I look in the photos but I wanted to share a few pictures from our short stop at Indiana Dunes that was on our to Indianapolis.


I actually got this particular shirt (like the one from  Outfit: Ruffled + Striped with Jeans) via amazon and I wasn’t originally sure if I’d like it the more I see it the more I want to wear it. The sleeves are a lot of fun and the fit is great. I only wish it were a little longer so I could wear it with a bigger variety of pants.

Jeans – While these jeans are incredibly comfortable, every time I see photos of myself wearing them I’m reminded that they aren’t all that flattering. However they are high waisted which unfortunately the shirt needs to be paired with.

Shoes – These old light up shoes are so much fun that I couldn’t help but wearing them out. Of course though since all these photos were in the sand I had to take them off. And you might notice that my feet are cropped out in the photos, because of it. The last thing I need is those weird barefoot google searchers coming here.

Bracelets – As you might have noticed I’ve taken the whole layering thing to a new level. I’m a little sorry.


Oh and after we were done walking around and taking outfit photos I did change into shorts and go down to the beach and walk there. Unfortunately it was still way to cold to go swimming.



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