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ColourPop X Amanda Steele Weekend Warrior Palette, Review

Eyeshadow is one of those things that I’ve always thought had to be expensive. Sure I’ve loved drug store mascara and foundation/bb creams for awhile but whenever I’ve tried lower end eyeshadow not even to  drug store brands they just don’t work out. The pigmentation isn’t great and they crease terribly, but after trying out the Hello Kitty Colour Pop Set  I realized that maybe there are a few exceptions to the rule one of them being color pop.


This Weekend Warrior Palette is actually a collaboration with the Youtube Amanda Steele which I think is really cool. It comes in a a purple cardboard “sleeve” with a diamond pattern and embossed lettering in silver. Inside the sleeve the palette is packaged in a cardboard box that is the opposite in coloring of the sleeve. I was impressed to see that it has a magnetic closure that really is a nice touch for an $18 retail palette. Inside there are four circular pans of eyeshadow.

Throttle: a satin pale pink eyeshadow

Harley: a matte cool grey eyeshadow

Burnout: a matte deepened teal eyeshadow

Chopper: a matte deepened purple eyeshadow

Verdict: As you could probably gather already I absolutely love this palette. I love that they partnered with a youtube, and the packaging is so fun. Even better though is the eyeshadow itself. The colors go together well, have great payoff and wear well. While in most cases I do think more expensive palettes are the way to go ColourPop hit it out with this Amanda Steele Weekend Warrior Palette.


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