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Floral + Lace Dress With Denim, Outfit

While lately I’ve been doing more outfit posts this one is a bit of a throwback. The photos were taken back on Palm Sunday for Instagram, and I promptly edited them and sent one off to the company that sent me the dress I’m wearing. However the company took forever to get back to me for the Instagram post so the photos just kind of sat around. Well yesterday the photo was finally approved so I figured I could share a few of my favorites here


Dress – I love this dress even if it is a little more beach wear than street wear I found it easy to pair and make into more of my style. The lace top is gorgeous and it has straps in the back that can be worn multiple ways. What I really love is the loose flowing skirt.

Jacket – For this outfit while I really liked the dress I did think it was a little revealing for me, so I decided to pair it with a denim jacket that I’m pretty sure you’ve seen a time or two.  (like in the Outfit: A Tassel Scarf with Denim )

Shoes – In these photos it is a little hard to see but I’m wearing a pair of suede ankle boots that I were sent to me awhile ago, and might just be my favorite pair of shoes. I only wish boots were a year around shoe.

Last but not least for my face/hair. I went really simple on the makeup, mascara, eyeliner on the upper lash line and a powder foundation. The big thing though is the wig. It’s actually a fairly cheap cosplay wig but the quality is fantastic price wise and I love the style.




  1. Obsessed with the Jacket – It’s stunning and goes really well with the dress. You can’t go wrong with denim! xx
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie x


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