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5 Things For Summer Break

5 (Productive) Things to Do Over Summer Break

I’m sure for a lot of you, just like me, it’s finally summer break. While that often times means spending a lot of time on the beach (I’ll admit I did have a  Short Stop at Indiana Dunes) this summer I’ve made a goal of having a productive summer even better than what I did last year.  I’ve done really well at productive breaks so much so that I’ve had classmates and friends wonder how I’ve gotten so much done. To keep on track I’ve been using the notes section in my iPhone and checking off things once I do them. I started out with a daily list but ended up finding it a whole lot easier to have a weekly one that I can add things to as I go. Here are my top 5 for this summer.


  1. Clean Out Your Bedroom/Bathroom/ Other rooms – If you see my Youtube channel you might have noticed that I did a room tour. Of course to do this I had to clean out my bedroom which was getting a little crazy. I found a whole lot of things I didn’t want/need/use and found some things that I’d been missing. Best of all though is that it’s finally clean. Of course I’m going to get to work my bathroom
  2. Garage Sale – This kind of goes with the whole cleaning everything out everything because all that extra stuff you find (trust me you’ll find some) can be sold in a garage sale. For years I’d simply donated things to the Salvation Army because I thought garage sales wouldn’t be worth it. Boy was as wrong. It was amazing the things that sold (that I thought wouldn’t go) and the extra cash was nice.
  3. Make a DIY – If you look at the DIY section of LikeHanna you’ll notice I’ve been doing a terrible job. My last DIY was about a month ago. Over break I’m planning on doing (and sharing) a few DIY projects that are useful for my life and hopefully fun to do.
  4. Take a Class – While I normally fill my summers up completely with school classes this year I’m completely free of those. However I have taken up a few online ones (a post about this *hopefully* comping up) and a fitness one. They don’t have to be related to school, or a specific skill but just something you’d think would be fun to try. Branch out a little.
  5. Make Time for You – I know it can seem like you have to spend your whole summer break doing things, but sometimes you have to relax! Pamper yourself a little and watch your favorite show.




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