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Silicone Vs. Sponge Makeup Blender


While I’ve been getting the majority of my makeup and beauty products from PR companies for Instagram posts this silicone makeup blender isn’t one of those. It was sent specifically for a blog review and so that’s what I’m going to do today. I thought instead of review it as a stand alone I’d compare it directly to what I’m using currently a sponge makeup blender.


Lets start with the looks. This makeup applicator is tear drop shipped with rounded edges and a smooth surface. It’s light weight but seems pretty durable. This is of course compared to a sponge applicator that is textured and much thicker with a tip. I decided to test out two different liquid foundations as well as cream contour.

When I first tried using this silicone applicator it was a little rough going. I finally figured out that I couldn’t blend the same way and had to tap it into my skin with circular motions. I also learned that I needed way less product and completely over did it with both the liquid and cream. Of course this is actually great because it means that much less wasted makeup.

Verdict: I’m loving this silicone makeup blender. While it does take a little practice to use, it’s great. Not only does apply well but it uses so much less makeup to get the job done. What I really love though is how easy it is to clean. It has all the pros of a beauty blender without any of the cons. Plus its under $6 and you can get it off amazon.



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