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The Essential Guide to Prayer, Book Review

The Essential Guide to Prayer by Dutch Sheets

How to Pray With Power and Effectiveness

About the Book: Life-Changing Teaching on Prayer from One of the Topic’s Leading Authors

Based on years of ministry and experience, international prayer leader and bestselling author Dutch Sheets presents a real-world, hands-on foundation for prayer. With wisdom and practical insight, he helps you develop the core of an effective prayer life: a stronger, lasting relationship with God as Father and friend. He also shows you how to:
· make prayer a vital part of your life
· pray alone and in groups
· persist in prayer until you see God’s answers
· become a powerful intercessor for those you love
· and more!

He even includes questions at the end of each chapter to help you immediately implement what you’re learning.

My Thoughts: I’m always up for reviewing guide books so of course when I was offered The Essential Guide to Prayer I said yes to reviewing it in exchange for a copy. The book has a lot of information not just about praying but having a better relationship with God. The chapters are split nicely and at the end of each one has a set of questions that are extremely helpful.


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